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Game NameSystem
Langrisser 1 & 2Playstation
Langrisser 1 and 2Playstation
Langrisser 4Playstation
Langrisser 4 & 5Playstation
Langrisser 5Playstation
Largo WinchPlaystation
Last BladePlaystation
Legacy Of Kain : Soul ReaverPlaystation
Legend of Dragoon, ThePlaystation
Legend Of Heroes 3, ThePlaystation
Legend of LegaiaPlaystation
Legend Of ManaPlaystation
Legion of Heroes : JusticePlaystation
Lego Island 2Playstation
Lego RacersPlaystation
Lego Rock RacersPlaystation
Lego Rock RaidersPlaystation
LeMans 24 HoursPlaystation
Lemmings 3DPlaystation
Let's Go : Eternal WingsPlaystation
Let's Go to PilotPlaystation
Lets Go To PilotPlaystation
Libero GrandePlaystation
Lifeforce TenkaPlaystation
Lightning LegendPlaystation
Lilo and StitchPlaystation
Lion King, The : Simba's Mighty AdventurePlaystation
Little Big AdventurePlaystation
LMA ManagerPlaystation
LMA Manager 2001Playstation
LMA Manager 2002Playstation
Lode RunnerPlaystation
Lode Runner ExtraPlaystation
Lomax in LemminglandPlaystation
Lone SoldierPlaystation
Looney Tunes : Sheep RaiderPlaystation
Looney Tunes RacingPlaystation
Lost Vikings 2Playstation
Lost Vikings 2 - Norse by NorsewestPlaystation
Lost WorldPlaystation
Lost World : Jurassic Park 2Playstation
Lost World : Special EditionPlaystation
Lost World, The - Special EditionPlaystation
Lost World, The : Special EditionPlaystation
Lucifer RingPlaystation
Lucky LukePlaystation
Lunar 2 : Eternal BluePlaystation
Lunar : Silver Star StoryPlaystation
Lunar : Silver Star Story CompletePlaystation